Dan Delmar: Dissecting Drainville’s faulty identity rhetoric | National Post

Good dissection by Dan Delmar on the hapless rationalizations and excuses of former Minister Drainville, the main public face of the Charter:

Indeed, the Charter of Values didn’t go far enough in a number of areas; among them, the supposed secularization of institutions. A good start would be to cut financing and tax breaks to religious organizations and private religious schools; to stop funding the incessant and costly renovation of the plethora of churches in Quebec that no one attends; to, again, remove the Assembly’s crucifix, because no credible secular jurisdiction has Jesus Christ perched above the heads of men and women who are enacting laws.

Drainville also wanted to curb Islamism: You can’t counter ghettoization by further excluding Muslims from the government jobs they weren’t able to get in the first place. During a campaign press conference featuring former Premier Pauline Marois, I wandered off into the very next room of an east-end Montreal employment centre. A dozen people were receiving job training; nearly all were visible minorities and four were hijabi women. Marois, like Drainville, didn’t seem to comprehend how their Charter would exacerbate the problem of ethnic integration.

Dan Delmar: Dissecting Drainville’s faulty identity rhetoric | National Post.

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