Book Availability

Both books are available in hard copy (Lulu) and electronic versions (Amazon, iBookstore, Kobo).

My recommendations are as follows based on my use of an iPad rather than dedicated e-reader. Kindle and Kobo users may choose differently.

Policy Arrogance or Innocent Bias: Resetting Citizenship and Multiculturalism

The easiest version to read in terms of layout and format is the hard copy from Lulu. 121 pages. Disadvantages include no hyperlinks and higher cost ($14.99 plus HST and shipping — about $8 for the most economical shipping option, about two weeks delivery).

Among the electronic versions, the iTunes has the cleanest and most readable layout, followed by Amazon and then Kobo. This is more cost-effective ($7.99), and all the relevant charts and tables are available through hyperlinks.

For book presentations, discussions, events and signings, please contact Andrew directly at Hard copies of his book will be available at events for $20 cash ($15 for students).

Living with Cancer: A Journey

In contrast, my preferred version for those with iPads is the iBookstore version as it was prepared on the visually rich iBooks Author. Amazon and Kobo are flat in comparison. $3.99 on all stores. The Lulu version is also very readable but at almost 350 pages, is a bit of a brick and is more expensive given printing costs ($27.98). 50 percent of royalties go to The Ottawa Hospital Foundation for cancer care.

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