Reference Charts and Tables


Chart 1: Evolution of Canadian Diversity

Chart 2: Situating Immigration, Integration and Citizenship within Broader Context

Chart 3: Ministerial Outreach by Community


Table 1: Multiculturalism Program Evolution

Table 2- Citizenship and Multiculturalism Policy Shifts

Table 3: Contrasting Multiculturalism Priorities — 2004-5 to 2011-11

Table 4: Contrasting Ministerial Messaging 2003-04 and 2011-12

Table 5: Ethnic Community Specific Challenges

Table 6: Religious Group Specific Challenges

Table 7: Comparison Between Current and Proposed Programming

Table 8: Language Assessment and Equivalencies

Table 9: Diversity Paradigms

Table 10: Multiculturalism:Interculturalisme Comparison

Table 11: Radicalization-Related Multiculturalism Projects

Table 12: Transition to CIC Organizational Structure

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