The following three articles reflect my analysis of disaggregated date for the public service, broken down by individual visible minority and Indigenous groups along with occupational category:

What new disaggregated data tells us about federal public service diversity (Policy Options, October 2020)

What the Public Service Employee Survey breakdowns of visible minority and other groups tell us about diversity and inclusion (The Hill Times, November 2020)

Diversity and Inclusion: Public Service Hirings, Promotions and Separations (The Hill Times, March 2021)

This article and annex look at the impact of the new appointments policy (greater shift towards non-advertised staffing processes) on diversity (June 2020):

Public Services and Administration: What the Census Tells Us (May 2019)

Multiculturalism in Canada: Evolution, Effectiveness and Challenges (October 2017)


Where I take a critical look at the “two-way street” metaphor for immigrant integration and propose better options Integration and multiculturalism: Finding a new metaphor

Reasonable Accommodation:

My attempt to provide some clarity and examples on what is reasonable and what is not in New Canadian Media:

Reasonable Accommodation: What is Reasonable?

Diaspora Politics:

My assessment of the factors and politics behind diaspora politics also in New Canadian Media:

Shopping for Votes Can Undermine Canada’s Fine Balance

Along with my CBC TV interview on diaspora politics:


My take on antisemitism in the Canadian Jewish News:

Is criticism of Israel anti-Semitic?

Multiculturalism Policy Changes under Minister Kenney

My assessment of the policy and program changes over the last 7 years in New Canadian Media:

Canada Today: Less Hotel, More Live-in Condo

Antisemitism and Islamophobia – My Take:

Mirror Images: Antisemitism and Islamophobia (New Canadian Media, free)

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia: mirror images? (Hill Times, paywall, shorter version)

Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) Webinar ‘The Power of Words’

CRRF Power of Words – Andrew Griffith’s Deck

CRRF Webinar – David Matas Remarks

2015 Election Results

Visible minorities elected to Parliament close to parity, a remarkable achievement (Hill Times)

New Crop of Immigrants in Parliament Is Seen as Reflection of Canada – The New York Times

Implementing diversity and inclusion in Parliament: A more complete picture (Hill Times)

Deck Presentation to the Centre on Public Management and Policy, University of Ottawa, January 2016

Multiculturalism – Implementing Diversity and Inclusion

2016 Parliamentary and Related Diversity

Diversity on parliamentary committees: Does it matter? (Hill Times)

Parliament 2015 – Committees (pdf version)

Diversity and inclusion agenda: Impact on the public service (IRPP Perspectives)

Diversity in political backrooms still lacking (IRPP Perspectives)

Federal deputy ministers: diversity and inclusion baseline (IRPP Perspectives)

Governor in Council Appointments – 2016 Baseline (IRPP Perspectives)

Federal and Provincial Judicial Diversity  (IRPP Perspectives)

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