This article and annex look at the impact of the new appointments policy (greater shift towards non-advertised staffing processes) on diversity (June 2020):

Public Services and Administration: What the Census Tells Us (May 2019)

Multiculturalism in Canada: Evolution, Effectiveness and Challenges (October 2017)


Where I take a critical look at the “two-way street” metaphor for immigrant integration and propose better options Integration and multiculturalism: Finding a new metaphor

Reasonable Accommodation:

My attempt to provide some clarity and examples on what is reasonable and what is not in New Canadian Media:

Reasonable Accommodation: What is Reasonable?

Diaspora Politics:

My assessment of the factors and politics behind diaspora politics also in New Canadian Media:

Shopping for Votes Can Undermine Canada’s Fine Balance

Along with my CBC TV interview on diaspora politics:


My take on antisemitism in the Canadian Jewish News:

Is criticism of Israel anti-Semitic?

Multiculturalism Policy Changes under Minister Kenney

My assessment of the policy and program changes over the last 7 years in New Canadian Media:

Canada Today: Less Hotel, More Live-in Condo

Antisemitism and Islamophobia – My Take:

Mirror Images: Antisemitism and Islamophobia (New Canadian Media, free)

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia: mirror images? (Hill Times, paywall, shorter version)

Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) Webinar ‘The Power of Words’

CRRF Power of Words – Andrew Griffith’s Deck

CRRF Webinar – David Matas Remarks

2015 Election Results

Visible minorities elected to Parliament close to parity, a remarkable achievement (Hill Times)

New Crop of Immigrants in Parliament Is Seen as Reflection of Canada – The New York Times

Implementing diversity and inclusion in Parliament: A more complete picture (Hill Times)

Deck Presentation to the Centre on Public Management and Policy, University of Ottawa, January 2016

Multiculturalism – Implementing Diversity and Inclusion

2016 Parliamentary and Related Diversity

Diversity on parliamentary committees: Does it matter? (Hill Times)

Parliament 2015 – Committees (pdf version)

Diversity and inclusion agenda: Impact on the public service (IRPP Perspectives)

Diversity in political backrooms still lacking (IRPP Perspectives)

Federal deputy ministers: diversity and inclusion baseline (IRPP Perspectives)

Governor in Council Appointments – 2016 Baseline (IRPP Perspectives)

Federal and Provincial Judicial Diversity  (IRPP Perspectives)


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