Ethnic Media Coverage

These analyses are are based on ethnic media collection, translations and curation by MIREMS (Multilingual International Research and Ethnic Media Services).

In general, ethnic media election coverage tracks the same issues as mainstream media, with a similar over-emphasis on political coverage but with a greater under-emphasis on the substantive issues. Coverage overwhelmingly is with respect to national issues and in the form of news coverage with only larger language media groups providing more commentary and analysis.

On average, about 30-40 percent of stories surveyed are in Chinese language with an equal percentage in South Asian media (mainly Punjabi), reflecting the larger size of the respective communities and hence a more active media. 

Summary analysis: Ethnic media 2019 Election Coverage: Commonalities and Differences

Weekly analyses: All of these have been previously published on

28 October to 4 November

21-27 October

13-20 October

6-12 October

29 September to 5 October

22-28 September

15- 21 September

8-14 September

1-7 September

25-31 August

18-24 August

11-17 August

4 – 10 August

28 July – 3 August

21 to 27 July

13 to 20 July


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