Table 4: Contrasting Ministerial Messaging 2003-04 and 2011-12



Liberal: Minister Chan


Conservative: Minister Kenney

Embracing and managing diversity is a distinguishing characteristic Participation of all Canadians, not just newcomers
Combat discrimination, promote cross-cultural understanding, and make Canadian institutions more representative Deepen understanding of the values, history, institutions, rights, and responsibilities that unite us as Canadians
Contribute to the continuing evolution of our country Intercultural and interfaith understanding, shared values, civic pride, and our commitment to a peacefully pluralistic society
Data collection and research programs Inter-Action and Community Historical Recognition
More inclusive society Black History Month and role in War of 1812
Charter of Rights and Freedoms Upcoming International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Canadian Chairmanship
Equality of opportunity Engage governmental and community partners.
Diversity as a source of strength and innovation  
Economy, culture, and society benefit when Canadians of diverse backgrounds share talents, perspectives, and experience
Way of life … value at the heart of our collective identity
Belief that diversity is synonymous with success, prosperity and the future.


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