Table 11: Radicalization-Related Multiculturalism Projects


Community Organization Project and Funding Amount Objectives
Muslim (Youth) Canadian Council of Muslim Women MY CANADA

(2009-2011, $471k)

Understanding of rule of law, Canadian identity, dealing with local challenges and how to prevent radicalization.
Somali Canadian International Peace Project Somali / Jewish Canadian Mentorship Project (2009-2011, $474k) Long-term community cohesion and cadre of young Somali Canadian professionals able to assume leadership roles and contribute to Canadian society.
Somali Canadian Friends of Somalia Promoting Peace and Preventing Youth Radicalization

(2010, $15k)

Develop a better understanding of challenges facing Somali youth. Topics include radicalization of Somali youth in the West and underlying causes of youth radicalization, countering youth radicalization and best practices in deradicalization, and building an integrated and socially responsible Somali diaspora.
Somali Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton Reducing Barriers for Somali at Risk Youth within their Community and School System (2009-2012, $166k) Gain awareness, knowledge and skills for civic engagement; identify and take action toward resolving issues affecting their communities; and wider participation in civil society.
South Asian (Sinhalese, Tamil, etc.) The Mosaic Institute for Harnessing Diversity South-Asian Global Citizenship Project (2009-2011, $150k) Participant engagement in community service projects supporting ethnocultural groups beyond their own communities. Sharing this model with other communities and cross-cultural bridging initiatives.
Youth Canadian Centre for Diversity Diversity is Youth Peer Leaders

(2009-2013, $1.2M)

Build a network of skilled and trained young leaders focused on preventing and responding to conflicts; provide a community of support within to reinforce social cohesion and inclusion, while strengthening community.
Youth (ethnocultural) Leave out ViolencE, British Columbia The Prism Project (2009-2012, $180k) Reduce violence in the lives of youth; youth find meaningful employment and complete high school; increased awareness of violence associated with culture and race.


Surrey School District, British Columbia Surrey Appreciates Multi-Ethnicity  (2009-2010, $895k) Develop knowledge, self-confidence, cultural pride, leadership, and decision-making skills needed for cross-cultural relationships. Build bridges and social cohesion among diverse ethnocultural communities.


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