Riding Profiles and Ethnic Media

This page highlights the work I have been doing to develop riding profiles for all 338 federal ridings and their key demographic, economic, social and political indicators.

I am working with Canada’s multilingual media monitoring service, MIREMS (www.mirems.com) to match the statistical data with election and riding relevant ethnic media.

I have developed a comprehensive data set covering all 338 ridings and have a powerful multilingual media tracking engine at our disposal.

An example of the datasets included can be seen in the attached profiles of the three by-election ridings: 59003 – Burnaby South24054 – Outremont, 35119 – York Simcoe.

MIREMS is providing me with a daily feed of the February by-election news and op-eds. I plan to analyze these on a weekly basis. The first one is here: Ethnic Media Federal By-Election Coverage 1-18 January 2019.

Similarly, MIREMS will share individual stories on their website, with the first one being: Karen Wang and the ethnic vote: Multilingual media weighs in.

The intent behind this initiative is to provide:

  • More in-depth understanding of riding demographic, economic, social and political characteristics, and how these interact with electoral strategies;
  • Wider awareness of how national and local issues are portrayed in community and regional ethnic media to increase accountability of ethnic-oriented media strategies (as the comments by the former Liberal candidate Burnaby South illustrate); and,
  • Allow for more informed discussion regarding ethnic voting patterns and issues.

For those interested in the details of the indicators chosen, the document provides the policy rationale and riding examples:

Riding Profile Methodology and Data Notes

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