Election 2019 and Ethnic Media

This page highlights the work I have been doing to develop riding profiles for all 338 federal ridings and their key demographic, economic, social and political indicators.

I am working with Canada’s multilingual media monitoring service, MIREMS (www.mirems.com) to match the statistical data with election and riding relevant ethnic media.

An example of the datasets included can be seen in the attached riding profiles of the three by-election ridings of February 25, 2: 24054 Outremont, 35119 York Simcoe59003 Burnaby South.

Our objectives are to provide Canadians with:

  • Education: More in-depth understanding of riding demographic, economic, social and political characteristics, and how these interact with electoral strategies;
  • Discussion: Wider awareness of how national and local issues are portrayed in community and regional ethnic media to increase accountability of ethnic-oriented media strategies;
  • Connection: Allow for more informed discussion regarding ethnic voting patterns and issues; and,
  • Accountability: Greater responsibility of candidates and political parties of their messaging to different groups.

Check out diversityvotes.ca for more information on our work and sign-up for regular updates. Our coverage of the general election will start in early July.

For those interested in the details of the indicators chosen, the document provides the policy rationale and riding examples:

Riding Profile Methodology and Data Notes

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