Senate hearings: My brief C-6 Senate Hearings: Expected Impact on the Naturalization Rate

#Citizenship Act C-6 Changes: Hearings Start April 12


My overall assessment:

The new citizenship act is efficient. Is it fair?

Links to submissions and minutes received.

30 April

Official CIMM Transcript of 30 April Hearing

Alliance of Canadian Terror Victims Presentation – May 5

B’nai Brith C-24 Brief 30 April 2014

Canadian Bar Association

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants – April 30

5 May

Parkdale Community Legal Services Brief – 5 May

Parkdale Community Legal Services Statements – C-24 – May 5

7 May

Pre-PR Time Counts – Brief – 7 May

Pre-PR Time Counts – C-24 Statement – 7 May

Professor Patti Tamara Lenard, U of Ottawa – Brief – 7 May

Professor Elke Winter, University of Ottawa – Statement – 7 May

12 May

Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic Submission – 12 May


Canadian Arab Institute

Canadian Association Of Professional Immigration Consultants

Canadian Council For Refugees



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