Appendix E: Key Ministerial Messages in Annual Reports of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act


Key Messages



Liberal Government

Minister Chan

  • Embracing and managing diversity a distinguishing characteristic
  • Combat discrimination, promote cross-cultural understanding, and make Canadian institutions more representative
  • Contribute to the continuing evolution of our country
  • Data collection and research programs
  • More inclusive society
  • Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Diversity source of strength and innovation
  • Economy, culture, and society benefit when Canadians of diverse backgrounds share talents, perspectives, and experience
  • Way of life … value at the heart of our collective identity
  • Belief that diversity is synonymous with success, prosperity and the future


New Conservative Government

Minister Oda

  • Promote inclusion and respect for diversity
  • Build a stronger, more cohesive, and more inclusive Canada
  • Strong sense of citizenship built on the commitment and contribution of all its citizens
  • Values and principles embodied in the Canadian Multiculturalism Act are respected
  • Multiculturalism … It is a source of our strength

PCH (Canadian Heritage)

Minister Oda

  • Openness, cross-cultural understanding and mutual respect
  • Chinese Canadian Head Tax Program launched
  • Truly representative public service and an inclusive society

Secretary of State Kenney

  • Outreach to all Canadians
  • Pluralistic society where language, religion, ethnic origins or race are not obstacles to fully participating in community life
  • Committed to ensuring that all citizens can take full part in our country’s political, economic and cultural life
  • Model of both openness and cohesion in this world with its expanding exchanges between cultures
  • Modern programs and policies that are suited to today’s reality
  • Respect their cultural roots while being an integral part of Canadian society
  • One of the most diverse, harmonious and creative societies of the 21st century


Secretary of State Kenney

  • Shared values of democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law
  • Leader among countries that embrace diversity
  • Canada as the home for the new Global Centre for Pluralism
  • “Pluralism allows individuals to retain their cultural, linguistic and religious heritage within a framework of shared citizenship.” (PM quote)
  • Economic, social, and cultural integration
  • Promote integration in order to encourage prosperity and social cohesion


Transfer to CIC

Minister Kenney

  • Remembrance Day and honouring past
  • Citizenship oath to the Crown and meaning
  • Successful model of multiculturalism and pluralism
  • Constitutional framework for Aboriginal rights, minority language rights, and religious freedom
  • Invite new Canadians “to write the next chapter” of the Canadian story
  • Move of multiculturalism to CIC to “further inclusion, participation and shared citizenship for all Canadians”
2008-9 Minister Kenney

  • Discover Canada includes a stronger, broader focus on Canada’ values, history, and symbols, including our core values of freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law
  • Unity-in-diversity approach to multiculturalism
  • Three new policy objectives:
    • an integrated socially cohesive society;
    • making institutions more responsive to the needs of Canada’s diverse population; and,
    • engaging in international discussions on multiculturalism and diversity
  • Membership in International Task Force on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research (now International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance)
  • Paul Yuzyk Award
  • Somali-Jewish Canadian Mentorship Project
2009-10 Minister Kenney

  • Build an integrated society that focuses on unity in our diversity
  • Inter-Action G&Cs launched: projects and new events stream (fairs and festivals)
  • Discover Canada, by placing increased emphasis on Canada’s values, history and symbols, will promote civic memory and pride among newcomers and citizens alike.
  • Combat antisemitism together with all forms of racism and xenophobia
  • Canada will remain a country where people of all backgrounds and cultures can succeed and contribute to our collective future
2010-11 Minister Kenney

  • Intercultural and interfaith understanding, shared liberal values and the promotion of enhanced civic pride, and institutional responsiveness to the needs of a pluralistic society
  • Discover Canada updated to further strengthen its content on core Canadian values such as freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law and the equality of men and women (latter addition)
  • Launch of a new, online black history museum
  • Community Historical Recognition Program: acknowledge the mistakes in our past so that we can ensure that those mistakes are never repeated
  • Pluralism, intercultural understanding and equality of opportunity
  • Combat antisemitism through International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
  • Encourage the members of all communities to participate fully in Canadian society, and to promote integration, pluralism, and civic engagement
2011-12 Minister Kenney

  • Participation of all Canadians, not just newcomers
  • Deepen understanding of the values, history, institutions, rights, and responsibilities that unite us as Canadians
  • Intercultural and interfaith understanding, shared values, civic pride, and our commitment to a peacefully pluralistic society
  • Inter-Action and Community Historical Recognition
  • Black History Month and role in War of 1812
  • Upcoming International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Canadian Chairmanship
  • Engage governmental and community partners

Source: Summarized from PCH and CIC Annual Multiculturalism Reports


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