Census 2016 and IRCC Data: What it Says About Naturalization (revised)

Census 2016 and IRCC Data: What it Says About Naturalization (as delivered)

Presentation delivered at the Metropolis Conference March 2018.

Multiculturalism in Canada: What the Census 2016 and Other Data Tell Us (revised)

Multiculturalism in Canada: What Census 2016 and Other Data Tell Us (as delivered)

Multiculturalism in Canada: What Census 2016 and Other Data Tells Us (updated fall 2018)

Citizenship & Multiculturalism: Building an Inclusive Canada

Presentation delivered on citizenship and multiculturalism at the Conference Board Immigration Summit May 2017.

Integration, Diversity and Inclusion – Copenhagen April 2017

This presentation describes the history, context, culture and demographics that underline Canada approach to integration through its immigration, settlement, citizenship and multiculturalism policies and programs.

Governor in Council Appointments: 2016 diversity baseline

This presentation presents the results of my analysis of the current diversity of GiC appointments to provide a baseline for the new appointment process and the Government’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in these appointments.

TBS Employment Equity Analysis 2008-15

This presentation contrasts 2015 with 2008 employment equity numbers from TBS reports.

Canadian Citizenship: From “Harder to get and easier to lose” to a new balance – Revised Deck (2016)

This presentation made at Metropolis 2016 analyzes citizenship test and take-up data, reviews the policy changes and impact of the 2010 and 2014 Conservative government changes and assesses the likely impact of the Liberal changes announced February 2016. Full 2015 data has been included.

A shorter version, with updated data for 2015, was presented at the Conference Board of Canada’s Immigration Summit, 5 April 2016: Citizenship – Conference Board April 2016

Canadian Citizenship: Balancing Meaningfulness with Facilitation March 2017

This presentation is an updated version of my presentation at the citizenship workshop during Metropolis 2017, one that I have used for a number of university immigration courses.

Big Shift or Big Return? Visible Minority Representation in the 2015 Election

My presentation at the Metropolis 2016, analyzing the election results and the record level of visible minority representation, 14 percent of all MPs, close to the percentage of visible minority Canadian citizens. This presentation also reviews how this representation is reflected in Cabinet, Parliamentary Secretaries, Opposition critics, and parliamentary committees.

Multiculturalism in Canada: Evidence and Anecdote Overview Deck (December 2015)

This deck highlights the findings in my book of the same name.

Multiculturalism – Implementing Diversity and Inclusion

This deck highlights some findings from my books and looks at the implications of the Liberal government’s diversity and inclusion agenda.

CRRF Power of Words Webinar 6 Oct 2015

This deck highlights the different words and terminologies in terms of how they may be perceived.

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