Liberals resist Tory, Bloc push for Quebec language law to rule federally regulated businesses

Just as Quebec zealously guards against and protests federal incursions into areas of provincial responsibility, so should the federal government with respect to federal jurisdiction. One of the recent rare times it is doing so:
Repeated attempts in committee Tuesday by Conservatives and the Bloc Québécois to incorporate elements of Quebec’s new Charter of the French Language in the modernization of the federal Official Languages Act were met with fierce resistance from federal Liberals.The study of C-13 in the parliamentary committee is still in its early stages, and the Bloc and the Conservatives have made it clear that they are siding with the Quebec government. They want businesses in Quebec, including federally regulated businesses, to comply with the provincial charter, which restricts the right of Quebec anglophones to work and be served in English.

More than once during Tuesday’s meeting, the Bloc and Tories introduced amendments that would lead to Quebec’s new language charter — formerly known as “Bill 96” — to prevail over federal jurisdiction, but they were defeated by the Liberals with the help of the lone NDP MP on the committee.

Source: Liberals resist Tory, Bloc push for Quebec language law to rule federally regulated businesses

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