Shadeism: Filmmaker looks at discrimination among people of colour

Another term I had not heard of. Nayani Thiyagarajah’s personal experience and broader perspective in her documentary, Shadism:

“To this day, my family still reminisces about how light I was. But growing up, as I grew darker, I began questioning the notion of light skin being better. What did my family’s constant commentary on my skin colour really mean? I began to wonder. If I wasnt light anymore, did that mean I was no longer beautiful?”

This is an issue of beauty, of old ideas that determine what is still beautiful. Of how the colour of our skin has and continues to affect how we view ourselves. This is shadeism.”

Her documentary touches on the multi-billion dollar industry that’s cropped up around skin-lightening cosmetics, fuelled in part by recent revelations the Cameroon pop singer Dencia is an enthusiastic client of one marketed as “Whitenicious.”

Shadeism: Filmmaker looks at discrimination among people of colour – CBC News – Latest Canada, World, Entertainment and Business News.

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