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More UK debates, within the Conservative Party, on multiculturalism:

Asked about Mr Grieve’s comments on BBC One’s Andrew Marr show, Conservative leader David Cameron said he agreed that “state multiculturalism” had been the wrong approach.

Mr Cameron said: “What he said was that state multiculturalism – the idea that as welcoming people into our country and keep them all in silos, and treat British Muslims as Muslims, rather than as British citizens, treat British Jews as Jews rather than as British citizens – that is wrong.

“I think trying to integrate more, trying to bring people together more, trying to build a strong British identity for the future, I think that’s absolutely right.”

European multiculturalism had a more communitarian basis than in Canada, where integration and equity were always at its base, and it was never intended to be “deep” multiculturalism, divorced from overall Canadian society, laws and values.

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Tory warning on multiculturalism.

Britain’s Ministry of Nudges –

A good in-depth profile of how the Cameron government is applying “nudge” to improve policy outcomes. Further ahead than the US initiative (easier to make things happen in UK). Not aware of any substantive work in Canada at the federal level, at least, to explore “nudges” as a policy tool.

It starts with recognition that existing government policy approaches have incorporated in their defaults some aspects of “nudges”; more awareness of these implicit biases makes for a good starting point, as well as the more in-depth and methodological approaches highlighted in the article.

Britain’s Ministry of Nudges –