All mosques should face ‘Quebec values’ investigation before being allowed to open: CAQ leader

Sigh …

But why stop there? What about churches? Synagogues? Gurdwaras? Is Legault really sure that they also agree or disagree with “Quebec values” as he would define them?

The leader of Coalition Avenir Québec said Tuesday all mosques should be investigated prior to being allowed to open in the province.

François Legault, head of the third-most popular party in Quebec’s legislature, said a public body should be created to investigate people who potentially disagree with so-called Quebec values.

Legault said the body would be able to find out if “applicants [for mosques] have consistently denigrated Quebec values.”

He said municipal authorities could use information collected by investigators in order to deny permits to people wanting to open mosques in the province.

Legault’s comments were in reaction to news that a Quebec town north of Montreal bowed to citizen pressure and denied a zoning change that would have allowed people to build a mosque.

All mosques should face ‘Quebec values’ investigation before being allowed to open: CAQ leader

Graeme Hamilton’s well-put commentary:

Mr. Couillard has criticized Mr. Legault’s proposal to clamp down on speech that runs counter to Quebec values. In the National Assembly Wednesday, Mr. Couillard said Mr. Legault’s plan would affect not just mosques but churches and synagogues. “There exists in Quebec a church that does not allow women to be celebrants,” he said. “There exists in Quebec another church that says women and men must be separated in religious buildings.” He said the CAQ “really likes to talk about Muslims, but religion is a much more complex phenomenon than that.”

But Mr. Couillard has stopped short of condemning Shawinigan’s actions. He simply expressed the hope that a dialogue between municipal officials and Muslim leaders will lead to a solution. Philippe Bégin Garti, a Shawinigan lawyer involved in the mosque project, declined comment Wednesday, saying his group is in talks with the city and seeking “an amicable solution.”

Mr. Legault accused the Premier of giving priority to free speech over other values and said the government’s inaction was sowing fear in the population.

If there is a segment of the population with reason to fear, it is the Muslims who are being told the mere act of worshipping is cause for suspicion. Instead of denouncing the insults thrown at Shawinigan Muslims last week, Mr. Legault sought to score political points by feeding the prejudice.

Shawinigan is a short drive from little Hérouxville. That is where the 2007 adoption of a “code of life” purporting to tell newcomers what’s what helped trigger a full-blown crisis in Quebec, as people objected to the “accommodation” of religious minorities. Then as now, strong political leadership was sorely lacking.

Graeme Hamilton: Quebec politicians playing to ‘irrational fears’ about Islamic extremism

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3 Responses to All mosques should face ‘Quebec values’ investigation before being allowed to open: CAQ leader

  1. jonolan says:

    Love them Muslims, don’t you? Consider that content- and context-based restrictions are necessary when one group, Muslims in this cases, is the primary if not sole source of serious issues for the population at large.

    Frankly, Muslims should be afraid. They’ve proven time and time again that they are a problem for the West and have no valid place within their host nations. If the people of those nations decide to contain, expel, or cull them, that is only right and just.

    • Andrew says:

      I have approved this for publication but do not agree with the content. If the same language was used for any other religious or ethnic group (as it has been in the past), would you be as comfortable saying this? Do you really mean to advocate expelling the 1 million Canadian Muslims? And the word “culling?”

      And of all the problems, ranging from economic, social, political and others, or the risks of death, while horrific, terrorist acts that invoke Islam in Canada have been less that other acts or intended acts of violence (e.g., any number of shootings of RCMP officers).

      • jonolan says:

        I’m perfectly comfortable with that language and the actions it calls for being used for any religious or ethnic group that has proven to be truly problematical for their host nations / cultures. And yes, advocate expelling the 1 million Canadian Muslims and all other Muslims in the West. As for culling their numbers in the process, I’m not bothered by doing so and would expect it to be necessary to ensure the expulsion.

        Before you freak out, think about it objectively for a moment. How much better would the First Nations peoples be if they’d done that to the Europeans and how much less rancor would there be if the Quebecois and other Canadians were kept apart in their own regions?

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