Multiculturalism Day Statements 27 June: PM, Greens but no CPC or NDP

Interestingly, no statements by either the Conservatives or NDP:

Statement by the Prime Minister on Canadian Multiculturalism Day

“Today, Canadians from coast to coast to coast join together to celebrate the multiculturalism and openness that make us who we are as a country.

“Canadians come from every corner of the world, speak two official languages and hundreds more, practice many faiths, and represent many cultures. Multiculturalism is at the heart of Canada’s heritage and identity – and as Canadians, we recognize that our differences make us strong.

“Canada’s strong tradition of multiculturalism has allowed our society to benefit from fresh perspectives and find new answers to old problems. It has also helped Canada attract some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial people from around the world, showing that openness is the engine of both creativity and prosperity.

“This year, we mark both the 150th anniversary of Confederation and the 35th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These milestones remind us of the values that unite us – openness, inclusion, and deep respect for our differences. Whoever we are, wherever we come from, these values bring us together as equal members of this great country.

“On behalf of the Government of Canada, Sophie and I wish all those celebrating a happy, fun, and educational Multiculturalism Day. I invite Canadians to take part in the many activities happening across the country, and I ask all of us to work even harder to protect and promote multiculturalism. Today, and every day, let us celebrate the differences that make Canada strong, diverse, inclusive, and proud.”

Source: Prime Minister of Canada | Justin Trudeau

The Green Party of Canada released the following statement for Canadian Multiculturalism Day:

“Canada is a multicultural society with a strong history of welcoming immigrants and celebrating ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. We are proud to foster an environment where all have equal voice and opportunity to participate fully in Canadian society.

“As 150th anniversary events take place across Canada this week, we acknowledge the original and diverse inhabitants of this land and recognize that all non-Indigenous peoples are immigrants. Indigenous values of consensus-building and reconciliation are part of what makes us Canadian. But we remain acutely aware that for many Indigenous peoples, this 150th anniversary represents 150 years of discriminatory policies, colonialism and oppression. The task of the next 150 years is to achieve genuine reconciliation and justice.

“We also turn our attention to the worsening global refugee crisis. In past decades, Canada has been strengthened when we embraced those fleeing from conflict and displacement. Now, more than ever, the world needs more Canada, and Canada must welcome more of the world’s people.”

Source: Statement on Canadian Multiculturalism Day 2017

Canada Deserves Better Than Those That Bash Multiculturalism | Jack Jedwab

Good piece by Jedwab:

Critics continue to insist that Canadian multiculturalism sends the wrong message to newcomers and their children by discouraging them from becoming more like the rest of us. The critics may however want to pay more attention to the message that multiculturalism is conveying to many non-immigrant Canadians. A March 2016 survey done by the firm Leger Marketing for the Association for Canadian Studies and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation reveals that some 52% of Canadians hold a positive view of Canadian multicultural policy, with 30% holding a negative view and 18% that do not respond.

At 63%, the youngest segment of the population surveyed aged 18-24 is most positive about multicultural policy compared with 46%, of those 65 and over who were the least positive. Those Canadians that are most positive about Canada’s multicultural policy are considerably more likely to have favorable views of indigenous peoples, immigrants, Jews and Muslims.

The most pro-multiculturalism were also far more likely to have contact with members of these groups. It is worth noting that some 85% of the most pro-multicultural have a favorable opinion of language duality in contrast with the 20% that share this favorable view amongst those most negative towards multiculturalism.

So the most negative towards multiculturalism are the most hostile to minorities, have the least contact with them and don’t like bilingualism. The most favorable value diversity, interact more frequently with diverse groups and appreciate our two principal languages. When it comes to my children, I’ll take the more forward-looking pro-multiculturalism message in a flash.

On Canadian multiculturalism day the Prime Minister’s multicultural message was bang on: “Our roots reach out to every corner of the globe. We are from far and wide, and speak over 200 languages. Our national fabric is vibrant and varied, woven together by many cultures and heritages, and underlined by a core value of respect. Today, let us celebrate multiculturalism as a vital component of our national fabric, and let us express gratitude to Canadians of all backgrounds who have made, and who continue to make, such valuable contributions to our country.”

Source: Canada Deserves Better Than Those That Bash Multiculturalism | Jack Jedwab

Multiculturalism Day Statements

Statements by leaders on Multiculturalism Day (June 27th). Slight nuances between the three statements, but overall common thread of inclusiveness.

PM Trudeau:

“I join Canadians across the country today to celebrate multiculturalism, and our long and proud tradition of inclusion and diversity.

“As the first country in the world to adopt a policy of multiculturalism 45 years ago, Canada has shown time and time again that a country can be stronger not in spite of its differences, but because of them.

“As Canadians, we appreciate the immense freedom we have to show pride in our individual identities and ancestries. No matter our religion, where we were born, what colour our skin, or what language we speak, we are equal members of this great country.

“Our roots reach out to every corner of the globe. We are from far and wide, and speak over 200 languages. Our national fabric is vibrant and varied, woven together by many cultures and heritages, and underlined by a core value of respect. Multiculturalism is our strength, as synonymous with Canada as the Maple Leaf.

“Today, let us celebrate multiculturalism as a vital component of our national fabric, and let us express gratitude to Canadians of all backgrounds who have made, and who continue to make, such valuable contributions to our country.”

Leader of the Official Opposition Ambrose:

“Today Canadians from all across the country celebrate one of the long-lasting traditions of this country, multiculturalism.

“Every day, people from all around the world arrive in Canada seeking freedom and equality. They bring with them a variety of skills, a desire to succeed and commitment to hard work.

“In Canada, we believe that every citizen has value and something to contribute, regardless of where you were born, your heritage, or your religion. Whether you have recently arrived to this country or your family has been here for generations, you should have the equal opportunity to support your family, your community, and your country.

“As we approach Canada Day and its celebration of all those features that make Canada the best country in the world, it’s worth reflecting today on the many ideas and values that have helped shaped us as a nation.

“On Canadian Multiculturalism Day, I encourage all Canadians to celebrate and further strengthen the rich and diverse cultural mosaic that we have created.”

Leader of the NDP Mulcair did not issue a statement, leaving it to multiculturalism critic Rachel Blaney:

“Today, as we celebrate Multiculturalism Day, we take stock of the unity and coexistence of the many traditions and cultures that make up our great country. This is a heritage we can take great pride in.

The New Democratic Party is honored to highlight our nation’s diversity, but we cannot take it for granted. We cannot stand by silently when bigotry, discrimination and racism continue to be given platforms here at home and abroad. 

Let’s take a moment to discover, and rediscover, the many cultural riches of our communities and the contribution that many have made toward our shared values. The NDP is committed to the multicultural ideals of equality, tolerance and compassion.”

A summary article on these and other statements can be found here:

Canadians quietly celebrate Multiculturalism Day

Contrasting Party Statements on Multiculturalism Day

Worth reading all three messages as they all have a different take. Conservative stress common values and standing on guard, NDP focus on tolerance, compassion and equality, Liberal emphasis on equality and inclusion:

Ministers Jason Kenney, Chris Alexander and Tim Uppal issued the following statement on Canadian Multiculturalism Day:

“Canadian Multiculturalism Day is an opportunity to appreciate our country’s longstanding tradition of peaceful pluralism, and the constitutional protection of our liberties.

“Since before Confederation, immigration has helped shape our country into one of the most culturally diverse in the world, and Canada continues to have the highest per-capita level of immigration among developed countries.

“Canada’s approach to multiculturalism encourages all Canadians to celebrate their cultural heritage, while actively integrating into Canadian society and committing to our common values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

“Let us continue to celebrate our unity in diversity, while standing on guard for the freedoms so many have fought to protect, both at home and abroad.”

Ministers Jason Kenney, Chris Alexander and Tim Uppal issue statement to celebrate Canadian Multiculturalism Day – Canada News Centre.

The Official Opposition:

“Multiculturalism is a fundamental Canadian value and on this Canadian Multiculturalism Day, the New Democratic Party is proud to celebrate our nation’s rich diversity.

“The values of tolerance, compassion and commitment to equality are shared by all Canadians and allow everyone to realize their full potential. The NDP has always been a staunch supporter of these values.

“We are proud to acknowledge the important contributions of our society’s many groups and multicultural communities, and the NDP will continue its efforts to promote our multicultural heritage, so that Canada may remain a land of possibility for all those who call it home.”

Statement by the Official Opposition on Canadian Multiculturalism Day

And from the Leader of the Liberal Party:

“Today we celebrate the ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity that has come to define Canada’s national fabric.

“Canadians can be proud of the progress we have made in promoting inclusion and equality in this country – from adopting an official policy of multiculturalism in 1971, to including it as a fundamental principle in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“Canadian multiculturalism embodies the freedom and democracy upon which our country was built. Today, the success of our diverse communities in fostering innovation and prosperity has proven that we are made strong not in spite of our differences, but because of them. We are reminded to neither take our diversity for granted nor become complacent. We must continue on a path where every citizen feels equal and embody a nation of citizens who respect one another.

“On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our Parliamentary Caucus, I join with all Canadians in celebrating Multiculturalism Day.”

Statement by Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau on Multiculturalism Day