CPC leadership debate: immigration levels consensus

Current high levels not an issue with no substantive differences between the candidates and little substantive discussion given debate format:

Asked about “the right number” of immigrants to bring into Canada in light of about 400,000 landing in the country in 2021, Aitchison, Brown and Poilievre framed the question as a workforce issue and called for more immigration. [Charest noted issue was integration more than levels]

Brown said Canada has a skilled labour shortage and it is not meeting the need.

“We need to unleash the Canadian economic potential through immigration,” he added.

Aitchison, while also calling for more, said whether the number of immigrants Canada settles is 400,000 or more, the country needs a targeted approach.

Source: https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/cpc-leadership-candidates-play-tight-game-in-edmonton-debate

There were roughly three issues on which all six candidates agreed:

  • Oil and gas development (and pipelines) is good
  • Canada’s historically high rate of immigration (roughly 400,000 new Canadians per year) is good.
  • Boosting defence spending to two per cent of GDP is good

Source: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/one-of-them-really-likes-amy-winehouse-the-parts-you-may-have-missed-at-the-conservative-leadership-debate