Recruit, Attract, Grow: Canadians Want A Plan | Abacus Data

Another interesting poll, showing that Canadians largely support an open economy and immigration for talented workers/high skilled workers (which closely mirror overall attitudes towards immigration):

To underscore the fact that Canadians do not believe Canada should take a passive approach in the face of trade threats from the White House, we asked whether Canada should look for opportunities where US policies might create disruption and potential interest in Canada.

• 89% say Canada should make a special effort to draw more international businesses to locate in Canada rather than the US.

• 73% say Canada should work to attract a lot of tourists who don’t know if they are welcome in America right now.

• Two-thirds (65%) say Canada should work to attract a lot of talented workers who don’t know if they are welcome in America right now.

While many economic policy choices can reveal deep partisan or regional cleavages, for the most part, these ideas don’t.  The large majority of people in all regions and across the three major parties like the idea of working to attract researchers and investment, and endorse the idea of making a special effort to reach those who may feel unwelcome in the US today.



According to Bruce Anderson: “Many Canadians think there is a moment of opportunity for Canada, not only a substantial risk of US trade and tax measures that could unsettle conditions in Canada.  People see this country as having lots to offer talent and investment capital from around the world, and believe we should make strenuous, special efforts to reach out an attract it, especially since some may feel less certain of the welcome they would receive in the US.

For governments, this is a clear signal that people want our best defense on trade issues, but don’t want Canada to only play defense – in fact the large majority see this as a moment of ambition, and are anxious that our political leadership seize the moment caused by political uncertainty in other parts of the world, to extol Canada’s advantages.” 

Source: Recruit, Attract, Grow: Canadians Want A Plan | Abacus Data

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