Terrorist scumbag doesn’t deserve citizenship | Candace Malcolm | Toronto Sun

Expressed more simply but using the same strand of arguments as in John Ibbitson’s Dual nationals convicted of terrorism, high treason or spying don’t deserve to keep Canadian citizenship:

Now, the Liberal government is not only saying this man can stay in Canada, but they are also honouring him with citizenship.

Does the Trudeau government plan to send a citizenship judge into Amara’s prison cell to host a citizenship ceremony? Will he be asked to utter the oath of citizenship, and pledge allegiance to Canada and the Queen? Maybe Trudeau will show up for a selfie.

This is an absolute mockery of our citizenship. This scumbag does not deserve the privilege of being Canadian.

And yet, the Trudeau government is going out of its way to grant citizenship to a person who, judging by his actions, has a hatred for Canadians. We are bestowing the privilege and honour of Canadian citizenship upon a radicalized self-confessed Islamic terrorist who conspired to wage war against Canada.

Immigration minister John McCallum justified the move by saying, “Canadian citizens are equal under the law.”

That’s just not the case. In Canada, much like every other Western country, a person convicted of an indictable offence loses many of the rights and privileges that come along with citizenship. Serious criminals are no longer equal under the law.

Amara committed the modern day equivalent of high treason. He should not be treated equally to law-abiding Canadian citizens.

When Amara is released from prison, we should be showing him the door, not handing him Canadian citizenship papers.

Source: Terrorist scumbag doesn’t deserve citizenship | Malcolm | Columnists | Opinion |

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Andrew blogs and tweets public policy issues, particularly the relationship between the political and bureaucratic levels, citizenship and multiculturalism. His latest book, Policy Arrogance or Innocent Bias, recounts his experience as a senior public servant in this area.

One Response to Terrorist scumbag doesn’t deserve citizenship | Candace Malcolm | Toronto Sun

  1. Marion Vermeersch says:

    I read this editorial and similar ones by this author in the Toronto Sun and thought it obvious that she has no consideration or, perhaps, no idea of the huge numbers of Canadians who had their citizenship downgraded to “Second Class” by Bill C-24. She also does not seem to understand or realize how thousands of Lost Canadians lost their citizenship in the past, by having it stripped by officials and politicians of particular governments who deemed certain groups not eligible or suitable(i.e., like my family, for having a father who was a born abroad (Home Child) veteran of the Canadian forces in WWII and a mother who brought us here as his War Bride.)

    The adult children in my family are, since June 15, 2015, officially in that category of “Second Class Citizens”. They were all born here in Canada, have lived here all their lives, are all you would want in good citizens and contribute to Canada in many ways. They cannot help that they had a parent born in wartime Britain and grandparents serving in the Canadian forces in WWII, giving them automatic entitlement to UK citizenship. Even if they were to somehow renounce it, they would still be entitled unless they commit a crime deeming revocation in Britain.

    My husband is also now a “Second Class Citizen”, with all the suspicion and discrimination directed towards dual citizens by the last government. He arrived in 1947 with his parents from Belgium after his father (and many other friends) had joined the British Army(Belgian Brigade Piron) after the occupation of Belgium, serving with much regard throughout WWII: they were able to emigrate to a Commonwealth country and chose Canada. But Belgian citizenship stays with you for life, so he has always had both citizenships, although he has never travelled there.

    At this point, my brother and I still have not been able to get a certificate of restoration as purported by Bill C-24. But this is extremely good news for us that the disgraceful second tier system is, hopefully, going to be changed and our children will at least have a secure Canadian citizenship, able to go abroad if required for study, work or voluntarism as before.
    Surely our criminal justice system in Canada can deal with criminals such as those who commit terrorism. I hope that the right to either grant or revoke citizenship will not be given to an individual politician or bureaucrat any more, to let that person dictate citizenship according to his beliefs and biases.

    I very much miss the articles and support from Peter Worthington of the Sun, who was always especially outspoken about issues affecting Canadian Veterans. I would like to suggest that Ms. Malcolm review some of those articles.

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