In Canada, we’re Canadians | Tarek Fatah

I’m with Tarek on this one. It is one thing to celebrate and recognize cultural and religious holidays, quite another to celebrate the national days of countries of origin. Let’s celebrate by all means the rich cultural heritage that different communities bring to Canada, but let’s ensure that is separate from national holidays.

I am all for the “Taste of Danforth” festival that celebrates our country’s Greek heritage and culture and the many contributions the Greek-Canadian community has made to Canada.

But Greece’s Independence Day? Were the people waving Greece’s flag citizens of Greece or Canada?

Just another one of the ironies of the Government’s efforts to strengthen Canadian citizenship, implying strong and exclusive loyalty, while being attuned to diaspora politics, and recognizing the reality that people have more complex and varied identities and loyalties.

In Canada, we’re Canadians | Columnists | Opinion | Toronto Sun.

Minister Kenney issues statement recognizing Greek Independence Day

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