Expect Pauline Marois to seek sovereignty diversion: Hébert | Toronto Star

While Hébert’s assessment may change somewhat after the leader debates, a good assessment of the PQ’s electoral strategy:

And so the word is that Marois will seek salvation in a diversion.

Over the remaining two weeks of the campaign, the PQ is expected to go harder on its plan for a secularism charter. The project is as polarizing as the notion of a referendum but in a positive sense for the sovereigntist party.

It remains to be seen whether enough voters will decide that their support for the charter outweighs their opposition to another referendum to reverse the momentum of the campaign in the PQ’s favour.

According to CROP, the charter is a priority for only a fraction of its supporters. And fatigue with that debate is even more prevalent among Quebecers than fatigue with the referendum issue. Still, from the PQ’s electoral perspective, a tired horse is better than a lame horse.

Expect Pauline Marois to seek sovereignty diversion: Hébert | Toronto Star.

Further illustration of charter strategy seen in Minister Drainville’s most recent comments,  and making the plea for majority government:

Only way to save charter is through majority government: PQ

Drainville is also playing on the fears of the niqab/burka, and extending the Charter to include students, not just teachers and professors, relying on anecdotes of a few students at Concordia  (the exchange with the reporter is worth reading). I do find the niqab/burka in Western countries symbolizes rejection of integration, in contrast to kippas, turbans, hijabs, crucifixes etc.:

Ban the burka for students, Parti Québécois says

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