Charte des valeurs québécoises – Range of articles and opinions

Lots of articles on the proposed Charte des valeurs québécoises today.

Starting with the petty, Bernard Landry’s rant against English Canada’s correct characterization of the proposed Charte as xenophobic.

Charte des valeurs québécoises – Landry fustige le Canada anglais | Le Devoir.

Paul Wells of Macleans takes his arguments down, noting that there is a rich debate within Quebec about the wisdom or not of such an approach, and stating this in Quebec/Rest of Canada terms is just an effort, cynical, to increase support.

Quebec’s latest turban controversy

A more reasonable approach, based on Bouchard-Taylor’s laïcité ouverte is picked up by Montreal municipal leaders, not surprisingly given the diversity of Montreal and how accommodation issues are largely matter of fact, in contrast to rural Quebec.

Les élus demandent une «laïcité à l’image de Montréal»

And the extreme position of a self-described militant laïque, Daniel Baril, which speaks for itself, as it assumes incompatibility with religious belief and performing one’s job, in government or out. Bit like the extreme atheism of Richard Dawkins is an extremist religion in itself.

Oui à une charte de la laïcité… avec correctifs

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