Barbara Kay: Banning hijabs won’t halt honour killings

A good piece by Barbara Kay on the recent report by Quebec’s Status of Women Committee on honour killings and the lack of linkage to the wearing or not of religious headgear like the hijab.

If the Quebec government believes that the forced removal of a hijab will mitigate against centuries of a cultural tradition so strong that people prefer a lifetime in jail rather than tolerate what we would call normal female autonomy, they are dreaming in technicolour. Quebec’s Status of Women report treats a serious subject with the concern, objectivity, ideological neutrality and earnestness it deserves. The Quebec government has no business exploiting the good faith of its writers and the tragic deaths of innocent girls and women to further its secularist agenda.

Barbara Kay: Banning hijabs won’t halt honour killings | National Post.

Quebec Muslims facing more abuse since charter proposal and other Charter-related articles

Not surprising, that Quebec Muslims are reporting more abuse following the proposed Charter. Playing identity politics invites that. It will be interesting to see if these anecdotes of increased abuse show up in the official Stats Canada Police-reported hate crime in Canada, 2011 (there is always a time lag), as police-reporting is a higher threshold and allows more consistency among groups.

Quebec Muslims facing more abuse since charter proposal, women’s groups say – The Globe and Mail.

Femmes voilées: «augmentation dramatique» des agressions

And signals from the Quebec government that no exceptions to the proposed Charter will be allowed, whether for Montreal, universities or the health sector:

Charte: Québec songe à abolir le droit de retrait

Some interesting commentary today, starting with Humera Jabir, a law student at McGill, noting her own history of considering the hijab as a political symbol as much as a demonstration of her faith, and in the end stopped wearing the hijab, given that her spiritual grounding was not strong enough:

Quebec is wrong to treat the hijab as a political tool

Michelle Gagnon of CBC notes some of the paradoxes of the proposed Charter with respect to Catholicism  (of which there are many). A good illustration of yet another government being driven by the politics of the anecdote, rather than sound evidence, and I pity the public servants that had to provide “fearless advice” as the government proceeded down this path. Would love to see the briefing notes!

Is Quebec more Catholic than it likes to think?