How ISIS Is Recruiting Women From Around the World | TIME

Small numbers but start of a trend. Last para captures the mentality:

The exact number of women who have joined jihadi groups in Syria is impossible to ascertain, but terrorism analysts at London’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation estimate there are some 30 European women in Iraq and Syria who either accompanied their jihadi husbands or have gone with the intention to marry members of ISIS and other militant groups. That may be less than 10 percent of the number of Western men currently estimated to be fighting in Syria and Iraq, but the fear is that the number of women involved may grow more quickly. A recently established French hotline for reporting signs of jihadi radicalization has seen 45% of its inquiries involve women, according to the Interior Ministry, and there have been several cases of women, one as young as 16, arrested at France’s airports under suspicion of trying to travel Syria to join Islamist rebels.

….But for any woman who thinks coming to Syria and joining ISIS might bring new opportunities or equal rights, Al-khanssa is clear. “The main role of the muhajirah [female migrant] here is to support her husband and his jihad and [God willing] to increase this ummah [Islamic community].” She follows with a quote culled from a salafist website. “The best of women are those who do not see the men, and who arenot seen by men.” ISIS’ recruitment may take place with 21st century technology, but when it comes to women, its ethos is firmly ground in the seventh.

How ISIS Is Recruiting Women From Around the World | TIME.

National Post also has a good article, focussing on British women, some converts, some not, going to Syria and Iraq and enforcing their version of the Islamic dress code and behaviour on other women:

British women join ISIS police force responsible for punishing Muslims who break strict sharia law

Lastly, more on one of the Gordon brothers, two Canadian-born extremists, and the wondering why they chose this path. A reminder that the factors and influences that push people over the edge vary and do not fit any particular pattern:

[Thompson Rivers University political science professor] Cook said many people on campus are shocked by the revelation about Gordon, and those who knew him and still care about him are understandably worried.

But, he said, the former volleyball players old acquaintances should be wary of trying to contact him.

“It’s impossible to know whether you can communicate with him because the cadre of ISIS elite control the media. Even if you think you may be engaged with him on Facebook you don’t know that for sure,” Cook said. “If we tried to persuade him to come back, what would happen? Hed be killed.”

“Unfortunately, he’s lost,” Cook said.

The goal now is to ensure others don’t follow the Gordon brothers path, he said.

How ISIS recruited Collin Gordon, former Thompson Rivers University student – British Columbia – CBC News.

Gregory and Collin Gordon, Calgary brothers, join ranks of Canadians fighting for ISIS

The latest extremists from Calgary and again, no particular pattern as the brothers, born in Canada and converts to Islam, appeared to be well-adjusted and integrated. What made them change? And how did Calgary become a centre?:

“All I know about Collin is that he moved back home [to Calgary] and started to be hardcore Muslim,” said Akan Swisslizz Ekpenyong, a Vancouver-based hip hop artist who used to host parties with Collin in Kamloops and was his classmate.

Ekpenyong said it became increasingly difficult to communicate with Collin due to his religious beliefs — and that’s when he decided to “unfriend” him on Facebook. Ekpenyong had no idea how extreme Collin would eventually become.

No one CBC News spoke with can explain how exactly Collin went from sports, hip hop and tweets about wanting to marry American rapper Nicki Minaj in early 2012, to becoming one among thousands of foreign fighters trying to establish an Islamic state in the Middle East.

Heartbroken and confused, their parents told CBC News that they raised their children to be peaceful, kind and smart — and that both were well educated and never had any run-ins with the law.

Asking the media for privacy, the parents of the Gordon brothers provided the following statement to CBC News: “We would like all to know we love and miss our sons dearly. We are deeply concerned for their safety. At this time we refuse to speculate with regards to the end of their story. We continue to keep hope alive.”

And while their parents are keeping hope alive, Collin’s social media photos portray someone who has become well-adjusted to life as a foreign jihadi.

As Canadian-born, without dual citizenship, their citizenship could not be revoked unlike other members of the Calgary cell not-born in Canada.

Gregory and Collin Gordon, Calgary brothers, join ranks of Canadians fighting for ISIS – CBC News – Latest Canada, World, Entertainment and Business News.