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I am doing more and more charting to illustrate citizenship and multiculturalism issues and in consulting with those who have a better graphic sense than I, came across this convincing article and illustration against the use of pie charts.

Means I have to redo a number of what I have been working on but always good to learn something new that helps tell the story (I haven’t read his recommended book yet):

Let’s start this off with some honesty.  I used to love pie charts.  I thought they were great, just like the way I used to think Comic Sans was the best font ever.

But then I had some #RealTalk, and I’ve been enlightened in the error of my ways, and I want to pass on what I’ve learned to show people why pie charts aren’t the best choice for visualization.  For my day job, part of my work involves creating visualizations out of business data for our customers.  I picked up a copy of “Information Dashboard Design” a book by Stephen Few of Perceptual Edge.  If you’re at all interested in data visualization, I highly recommend his books, and on this site we attempt to use a lot of the principles in creating the visualizations we present to you.

Pie Charts Are Terrible | Graph Graph.