Immigration comes at a devastating cost to Black Americans

Not sure degree to which this concern is relevant given the growth in Black immigration, about 1 in 10 currently, projected to rise to about one-third by 2060 (Key findings about Black immigrants in the US – Pew).

Congress continues to relentlessly push immigration policies that’ll make Black Americans poorer.

That’s not their stated goal, of course. But that’ll nevertheless be the end result of their proposal to amnesty millions of illegal immigrants and boost the level of legal immigration. The lasting effects of uncontrolled, mass immigration on Black Americans are plainly obvious and have been well-documented throughout our country’s history. So how can any Black politician in good conscience advocate for a more expansive immigration policy that would continue to do us harm?

Don’t listen to those who say we supporters of immigration reduction want to put an end to it or that we’re “anti-immigrant.” They’re only trying to shut down the debate. For decades I have worked to help welcome and assimilate immigrants in Miami, a city with one of the largest foreign-born populations in the U.S.

Source: Immigration comes at a devastating cost to Black Americans

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Andrew blogs and tweets public policy issues, particularly the relationship between the political and bureaucratic levels, citizenship and multiculturalism. His latest book, Policy Arrogance or Innocent Bias, recounts his experience as a senior public servant in this area.

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