Best countries for birthright #citizenship, 2022

From the citizenship-by-investment industry, interesting that Canadian advantages include, in addition to visa-free travel, no taxes on those not living in Canada and the ability to sponsor parents for permanent residency:

Parents today want better facilitation for their children and this is where the new trend of birth tourism comes into the picture. But better facilities are not the only motive of parents while giving birth to their children in other countries. They can also obtain second citizenship for their future generation with advantages like residences and passports.

So, if you want to know about the best countries for birthright citizenship to secure your children’s future, this article sheds light on countries that practice Birth Tourism.

  1. Chile: Chile is the most robust country that grants birthright citizenship. The nation has outstanding facilities like education, medical and secures 6th place on the best travel document globally. Chile acts on the jus soli abstraction when the outsider wants to give birth, and the child can automatically become a citizen of the country.The nation also practices the legal process after completing the Spanish language test and time for naturalization, which helps parents acquire lifelong citizenship and residency. The passport offered to Chileans has surprising and robust properties worldwide because citizens can access visa-free traveling to many countries like the UK, US, Japan, Canada, Europe, and Russia.
  2. Canada: Canada also facilitates birthright citizenship, as the child can automatically get their second passport after birth. The Canadian passport is laden with strong aspects that help citizens travel to approximately 190 countries visa-free. Not only this, but the nation is also well-known for its best education, health and citizens do not need to pay taxes if they do not live. All children with Canadian citizenship can also subsidize their families for permanent residency which acts as a major advantage.
  3. Mexico: Mexico like other countries also has many distinctive properties and amazing vacation places which makes it stand out on our list. The destination is lauded as the 25th best passport globally which offers the right of soil concept. Whenever parents decide to give birth in Mexico, the child can automatically obtain Mexican citizenship. Mexican citizens have the right to travel to many enormous destinations globally with visa-free properties. After becoming a Mexican, children who live for a stipulated time can apply for permanent residency along with their parents and grandparents after two years.
  4. Panama: Panama offers birthright citizenship to children with the help of the right to the soil principle. They have the best medical facilities with a provincial tax system for their citizens. The family members of Panamanian citizens can acquire their permanent citizenship in about 3 years after living there.
  5. Barbados: Barbados is a part of the United Kingdom, that provides birthright citizenship to the children born there. Barbadian citizens can travel across 140 countries without a visa with special access to the United Kingdom. Children also enjoy the complete right to healthcare, education, and social life, and if the parents have any British forefathers, they can apply for a British passport for their child too.
  6. Brazil: Brazil offers visa-free travel access to approximately 150 countries besides the right to the soil principle through birth tourism. The Brazilian passport secures the 20th position globally for providing the best facilities to its citizens. Apart from this, what makes Brazilian citizenship click with people is the parameters such as cheap and desirable environment to live in. Children who take birth in the country have access to all the benefits which include living, studying and working.

Final Verdict: If you are concerned about your child’s future then offering them a second passport, can help resolve your issues. All the mentioned countries have different and amazing rights to their citizens and dependents which make them an apt choice for birth tourism today.

Source: Best countries for birthright citizenship, 2022

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