Ransomware threat

Just to let you know that I have been subject to a ransomware threat. I inadvertently clicked too quickly on a link before ascertaining it was legitimate and since then have had some questionable pop-ups despite my pop-up blocker.

The attacker threatened to send compromising emails to my email contacts. As there is no such material, I assume this is more of threat to try to extort $1,000.

I have reported this attempt to Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

So if you receive any emails that don’t sound like me, they are most likely not.

And this a reminder to us all to be careful and vigilant and change our passwords routinely and use a password manager to general more difficult ones.

About Andrew
Andrew blogs and tweets public policy issues, particularly the relationship between the political and bureaucratic levels, citizenship and multiculturalism. His latest book, Policy Arrogance or Innocent Bias, recounts his experience as a senior public servant in this area.

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