From Chinese to Canadian: Gordon Chong

More on the Chinese Canadian Archive Project and Gordon Chong’ take on the lessons learned:

The Archive Project is a long-awaited and worthy endeavour that will be bolstered by additional family papers and photographs.

Equally important are the lessons derived from this chronicling of the Chinese community’s collective history.

Successive generations have entered every sphere of Canadian life, making significant contributions in the professions and business.

These accomplishments were made without teachers or role models who remotely resembled us.

Our parents (and extended families) were our role models, providing stability and instilling confidence.

By the time we graduated from elementary school, our formal education had exceeded most of theirs.

While supportive, they were not the contemporary and widely satirized “Tiger Moms” or fathers described by Amy Chua, the Yale Law school professor.

Our parents simply recognized the value of higher education in providing socio-economic stability.

There have also been successful politicians produced from our ranks – Art Lee, Gary Mar, C.S. Leung, Michael Chong, Ying Hope, Denzil Minnan-Wong, Kristyn Wong-Tam and many others across the country.

Many were elected before Chinese Canadians became a significant voting bloc.

Indeed, they were devoid of identity politics and forged mutually respectful bonds with their eclectic white communities.

The message is clear: Canadians are more than willing to welcome immigrant families into our great, blended family, if they unconditionally throw their lot in with us.

The Chinese Canadian odyssey has been instructive!

Source: From Chinese to Canadian | CHONG | Columnists | Opinion | Toronto Sun

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