Inside Quebec’s far right: Take a tour of La Meute, the secretive group with 43,000 members

Worrisome, even if numbers still small (and mainstream parties like the CAQ and PQ that pander to these fears and play identity politics, need to reflect on their impact):

La Meute’s leaders are now attempting to translate the group’s online popularity into concrete political influence.

They hope to become a lobby group of sorts, dedicated to making Quebecers aware of the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism.

“I don’t have the desire to live under Shariah. I don’t want to live under a totalitarian Islamic regime,” said Eric Venne, one of the group’s founders, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who goes by Corvus, after the genus of crows, ravens and rooks.

“But we are heading that way. It may not look like it in 2016. Tomorrow, people might go, ‘Oh.’ But by then it will be too late.”

Where others sputtered, La Meute surged

Corvus started La Meute with Patrick Beaudry, another former soldier, in the fall of 2015, just as the first of 25,000 Syrian refugees began arriving in Canada.

At a sugar shack in the Beauce, south of Quebec City, the pair drew up plans for a hierarchical organization modelled on their military background.

They gave it a name to invoke the sense of camaraderie they felt was needed in the face of what they considered a grave existential threat. In an early communiqué, Corvus described the influx of refugees as a “Trojan horse” for Islamic terrorists.

La Meute is among dozens of social media groups, blogs and websites that have popped up in recent years to give voice to concerns about Islam in Quebec.

But where other groups sputtered, La Meute surged.

The group’s activities were initially confined to its secret Facebook page. But as the group grew — it had more than 40,000 members by the start of the summer — it diversified.

A non-profit organization was registered to serve as La Meute’s fundraising arm, and fundraisers that each drew 150 people were held in Quebec City and the Saguenay.

By August, the group was distributing pamphlets around the province. Later that month, Corvus and several fellow members disrupted an information session near Quebec City organized by a group of volunteers trying to host a family of Syrian refugees.

Source: Inside Quebec’s far right: Take a tour of La Meute, the secretive group with 43,000 members – Montreal – CBC News

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