Citizenship act got it right | Editorial | Opinion | Toronto Sun

As usual, the Sun misrepresents the issue: it is mainly about where you are born. Those born Canadian extremists (e.g., Damian Clairmont, André Poulin, the Gordon brothers, John Maguire) would not be subject to revocation, given where they were born and lack of dual nationality.

Those who came to Canada as children, like Shirdon, would be subject to revocation, based upon dual citizenship, actual or potential. Some, again like Shirdon,  were part of the same Calgary cell.

Different punishment for the same crime.

Won’t stand up in court, which the Government’s track record on a number of crime and other issues highlights:

On Thursday morning a reporter asked the Liberal leader in a scrum if Canadians who go abroad to fight with terrorists should be stripped of their citizenship.

Here’s his response: “Canada has strong rules and penalties surrounding enforcing acts of terrorism. A two-tier citizenship system concerns me. The idea that some people because of behaviour, no matter how reprehensible, makes it conditional for anyone who gains Canadian citizenship without being born here. That is one of the principles that has made Canada great, that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”

First, let’s clarify a matter. It has nothing to do with where you’re born. It just matters that you’re a dual national.

But everyone should be upset with his closing line. Is Trudeau serious lumping everyone in together? Does he really think we can’t draw distinctions between people? What about Farah Mohamed Shirdon?

Citizenship act got it right | Editorial | Opinion | Toronto Sun.

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