Tire Review – Embracing Diversity

I never thought I would see a tire magazine talking about diversity but makes sense, given the need for differentiated marketing strategies:

“Being diverse opens you up to a whole world of customers, which at the end of the day means more sales,” says Corey Miller, president of Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Miller Tirecraft. “There’s no point in limiting yourself to just 75% of the market; you may as well try to reach 100% of it. There’s a business case to support that it’s more profitable. I truly believe when you’re open and inclusive, the logical result is that you attract more customers.”

Community Tire, based in Phoenix, has undertaken two highly successful marketing campaigns, first one for the LGBT community and subsequently one targeting women.

While both groups actually have much in common from a customer standpoint, CEO Howard Fleischmann Sr. says, “The difference between marketing to the female community and the gay community is if you do a good job with women and they trust you, they’re going to come back. If you do that for someone in the gay community, they’re going to come back but they’re going to bring six of their friends. It’s a very good group of customers to have.”

“Women are loyal customers,” agrees Tania Flynn Warminski, vice president of Hermitage, Pa.-based Flynn’s Tire & Auto Service. “Once they find a professional who they know is knowledgeable, honest and values their business, they will not only be loyal to that business, but they will tell all of their friends about it.”

Tire Review – Embracing Diversity.

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