Multiculturalism: Good for the Bottomline and Your Gateway to Global Markets 

Tips on multicultural marketing:

Juliette Mayers the Executive Director for Multicultural Marketing for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts shares seven success factors for those desiring to target multicultural consumers:

Do your Homework: Research whether formal or informal is critical to guiding your multicultural marketing program. The research data will inform you on the purchasing habits, lifestyle, and product and service preferences of multicultural consumers. Consult data to help tailor your marketing and advertising campaigns to fit your customers’ needs.

Get Buy-In: Launching a multicultural marketing program must be based on the fact that it makes good, practical business sense. To succeed, it must have the commitment both in human and financial resources and acceptance at all levels of the corporation, beginning at the office of the CEO.

Self Evaluate: It is important to evaluate your services and products to determine if they reflect the cultural sensibilities of consumers you are targeting.

Evaluate Competitors and Industry: Research your competitors and industry’s approach vis-à-vis multicultural consumers and evaluate and review best practices. Ask are there ways we can improve on what’s already being done in the marketplace industry? Then differentiate your brand strategy.

Engage Consumers Through Partnership: Engage in “socially responsible” corporate philanthropy and co-branding marketing programs and sponsorships that are important to multicultural consumers. Positive perception and word-of-mouth advertising are vital to fostering a positive relationship with culturally diverse consumers.

Identify Support Expertise: Outside help can be useful. Find a top quality multicultural/trans-cultural marketing communications firm to assist you. Such expertise can collaborate with your in-house marketing staff and/or advertising agency to ensure your marketing strategies are “on target,”as well as avert any crises that may result from unforeseen issues and perceptions that may arise.

Multiculturalism: Good for the Bottomline and Your Gateway to Global Markets | Colette A.M.Phillips.

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