Immigrant spouses may have to meet language and education requirements | Canadian Immigrant

The Government sometimes can’t help itself making partisan shots rather than a serious discussion of the issues. There are integration challenges for spouses coming to Canada, best addressed through settlement and related services, as not allowing immediate family reunification, should the Government decide to go there, will hamper not foster integration:

Alexander’s office would not confirm if language and education requirements are in the cards. It said the government is proud of its record of condemning intolerance, hatred, and barbaric cultural practices.

“We can’t say the same for Justin Trudeau, who has refused to call honour killings barbaric,” said Alexis Pavlich, the minister’s press secretary. “Everyone is expected to respect Canadian values and abide by Canadian laws.”

Lawyer Avvy Go, executive director of the Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, who attended one of the consultations, said such a move would be “a direct attack on Canada’s family reunification program.”

“We will go back to a bachelor society, like when Canada had its Chinese head tax in place and people were prevented from bringing their wives and children here,” she said.

Alexander has been meeting with invited representatives of communities across Canada for input into a strategic plan to “strengthen the integrity of the immigration spousal sponsorship program.” In those meetings, he raised the idea of imposing the new requirements, some of those invited told the Star.

However, Pavlich, the minister’s press secretary, said it’s “irresponsible and unproductive” to characterize such discussions at the meetings as an indication of future policies.

Immigrant spouses may have to meet language and education requirements | Canadian Immigrant.

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