Muslim extremism: That’s just calling it like it is | Toronto Sun

A number of columns by critics of Islam and Muslims (Michael Coren, Farzana Hassan), who focus on the extremists among them, without recognizing that all religions have their fundamentalists, conservatives and extremists, as well as the majority who are more moderate believers.

The issue is more how extremism manifests itself; unfortunately, in the case of Muslims, it manifests itself in terrorism and blowing people up. And that is the problem, unlike most other communities where it is more internal to how people live their lives (e.g., the choices made by conservative Jews, Christians, Sikhs and the like), although there are also issues from an integration perspective.

I could not find the source reference to Imam Soharwardy (the Calgary Imam referred to in the second article), just the blog commenting on it without a direct link.

Muslim extremism: That’s just calling it like it is | Home | Toronto Sun.

Calgary imam to Muslims: “Go home”

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2 Responses to Muslim extremism: That’s just calling it like it is | Toronto Sun

  1. Victoria says:

    Yes and how quickly people forget how their own religion has had links to violent extremists.

    When I was growing up in the US I knew a Catholic migrant of Irish descent who was very proud to have sent money back to the homeland to support action in Northern Ireland.

    How quickly we forget…..

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