Quebec’s “war” on religion – Charter Round-Up

Some good commentary and analysis in both English and French media today, starting with Martin Patriquin in MacLean’s, laying out the issues and politics, an opinion piece by  Emma Teitel (“spice of life”) theme, and an analysis of the Quebec heartland and the Charter in the Globe, suggesting the reality may be more complex:

Quebec’s war on religion – Canada, Editor’s Picks –

Prejudice and the PQ

How is the controversial charter of values going over in the Quebec heartland?

In French media, good piece on the poor political handling by the PQ of the proposed Charter by Bernard Descôteaux in Le Devoir. Better in many ways to have this than good political handling:

Charte des valeurs québécoises – Les maladresses

And a good nuanced picture of integration by David Desjardins in Le Devoir, ending up very close to Canadian multiculturalism:

Tout l’enjeu est là, au fond. Délicat, tissé de mille sensibilités. L’intégration est affaire d’apprivoisement mutuel. C’est tendre la main à l’autre sans avoir le sentiment qu’on s’excuse d’exister.